• Nicole Burke

You Might Live in the Rural Midwest If...

1. You definitely did have a drive your tractor to school day.

2. First jobs on your resume might include words like “Detasseler” or “Pollinator."

3. a. Walking around Walmart is a form of entertainment.

b. As is “driving around.”

4. Sweet Corn on the Cob is a summer delicacy.

5. There are in fact two seasons, Winter and Construction.

6. And if you don’t like the weather, don’t worry it may change in the next hour anyway.

7. The word “Ope” may be otherwise translated as excuse me, sorry, oops, too bad, oh well, I just need to get through this tiny grocery store aisle, or really whatever else you want it to mean.

8. On a road trip, snacks = Casey’s, bathroom = Casey’s, actually need gas don’t worry there will be another Casey’s in the next tiny town.

9. Is there really any family vacation destination other than the Wisconsin Dells??

10. You’ve been looking forward to the county fair all year and eating a deep-fried “fill in the blank."

11. Your hometown does have a festival every year, and it always includes a beer garden.

12. You have been on a date to the local Applebee’s, if you were lucky you got to go to a movie or bowling afterward.

13. “Watch for deer” is another way of saying I love you.

14. Opening Day for hunting could be considered a holiday.

15. Culver’s is considered “fine dining”; if you’re lucky you might have a Portillo’s.

16. Yes, we have a junk drawer, and it is full.

17. Pop is a fizzy drink.

18. You have an opinion about the NFC football division and the Big Ten.

19. Your math teacher was also your basketball coach, Sunday school teacher and next-door neighbor.

20. When at a 4-way stop, the first person at the stop sign will likely feel the need to wave you on through ahead of them.

21. You must wave back. Always.

22. You can tell a lot about a person by the truck they drive and the beer they drink.

23. You’ve had a Busch Light.

24. When explaining where you are from, people ask if it’s near Chicago.

I hope you enjoyed this list! I know a lot of these cliches are true for not only small towns in the Midwest but all across America, and some might not apply to your specific town. Let me know your favorite small town, rural life, or Midwest cliches (that just might be true) below!

Sincerely xoxo,

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