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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I never thought I would marry a farmer, be living on a farm in the middle of nowhere and have my closest coffee shop be 15 minutes away. I never dreamed of being a farmer’s wife; even though I did grow up being surrounded by the Ag industry and my family’s John Deere dealership. 

The unexpected plans God has in store for us are usually better than what we ever dreamed. Living on a farm and marrying a farmer may have never been my original dream, but it has become something I realize I have a strong passion for and I want to share that with you all. In the just over three years I have been in a relationship with a farmer, I have found so many things I love about the farming lifestyle and the many things I may learn to love (maybe haha). I do love living out in the country, dates in the tractor cab, the sense of pride owning land, helping feed and fuel the world, and much more. As a new farm wife, I know I have a lot to learn about farming, but I can’t believe all that I have learned (farming is a lot more complicated than I ever realized). It will be an adjustment living in the country, but I’m excited to be creating a new routine and modern-day farm lifestyle (with my own spin on it, of course). 

Farming is not just a job; it really is a lifestyle. I’m starting Midwest Farm Wifey as a place to share my journey as a new farm wife and maybe not feel so alone in figuring out how to manage this new adventure. I’m looking forward to talking all things farming (the highs, the lows, the mishaps), modern farmhouse decor (as we renovate our 70s farmhouse), also fun girl stuff like my farm wardrobe, beauty, coffee and more.

Becoming a farm wife may not have been my original dream or where I thought I would end up, but it has become my dream. I’m excited to be living this new dream with my amazing new hubby, our shop cat Boots, an amazing group of family and friends, and you!

Subscribe and join the Midwest Farm Wifey crew! Big things to come!

Sincerely xoxo,

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