• Nicole Burke

Just Because Harvest has to Come First

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Just because I feel lonely during this season, doesn’t mean I’m alone.

Just because he isn’t around due to the endless hours and endless work, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

Just because this season feels like an eternity, doesn’t mean it lasts forever.

Just because his side of the bed is empty at night, doesn’t mean that he wouldn't give anything to be there.

Just because he’s already gone in the morning when I wake up, doesn’t mean he forgot to give me a good morning kiss.

Just because harvest has to come first, doesn’t mean I’m less important than the farm.

Just because he missed the last 5 events, doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be there celebrating.

Just because I miss him, doesn’t mean I don’t understand he’s doing this for me and our future; he is choosing the farm for us.

Just because I cry sometimes, doesn’t mean I’m weak.

Just because I’m by myself a lot during this season, doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch of people who love and support me.

Just because I don’t always see you God, doesn’t mean you aren’t right here with me in this lonely farmhouse.

Just because this is the way it has to be, doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.

Just because sometimes it’s hard, doesn’t mean that sometimes it is also really, really good.

Just because we acknowledge the hardships of harvest, doesn’t take away from what an exciting, rewarding, bonding, strengthening and memorable time it is, year after year.

Many times circumstances during harvest are both challenging and rewarding, lonely and joyful, testing and strengthening.

Shout-out to all you other farm wives and mamas, I see you and God sees you; you aren’t alone.

Sincerely xoxo,

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