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Holy Crap, I Married a Farmer in 2019!

2019 has been an extremely crazy, unusual and stressful crop year – to say the least. The 2019 crop season can be summed up as “No Plant”, “Prevent Plant” or “2 Months Behind.” This also happened to be the year I married a farmer. A year and a half ago, setting our wedding date for June 22, 2019 seemed like a no-brainer, no-issue decision. The crop will be in the ground, yes, we may be spraying but most of the main spring work will be done. Not this year! Most people had barely started, were in the midst of planting quickly or making the decision whether they would plant at all this June. We had no idea when we set the date that this would be a spring for the record books. Not only will we remember 2019 as the year we got married, but most farmers in the Midwest will also remember 2019.

As I prepared to marry a farmer, my sister (somewhat jokingly) but also very practically gave me a book written by professional speaker, author and farmer Jolene Brown entitled, Holy Crap! I Married a Farmer! I recommend this quick read to all farmers’ wives out there, from the young and naïve like me to the seasoned farm wife. The book offers everything from practical advice to hilarious stories shared from farmers’ wives all across the country, including a complete checklist for making a parts run (to Holland & Sons, of course) to the importance of never learning something on the farm that you don’t want to do for the rest of your life. The book also spoke about no two years ever being the same – from too much rain to not enough rain, the markets, storms and everything in between. Farmers and their families experience new hardships and challenges every year with no two years being the same.

With this being my first year married to a farmer, I know I will experience many more challenging and stressful times on the farm over the years (and amazing memories). Even though we often wonder at times why farming is worth the risk and stress, there are reminders of why we love it and wouldn’t want it any other way. The sight of the first seeding poking through the ground, a sunset after a long day, the family gathering for dinner after a full day of work, kids and grandkids riding in the tractor cab and much more, not to mention helping feed the world. Then there is the legacy we want to continue on the farm year after year to pass on to the next generation – who will one day face their own challenges and “2019 Planting Seasons.” The hard times make the good times even more rewarding, and I know our future children will definitely hear about 2019 for many reasons.

To purchase Holy Crap! I Married a Farmer! visit: https://jolenebrown.com/shop/

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