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Carhartt Favs

I’m pretty sure all my husband wears is Carhartt clothes. He honestly basically owns everything Carhartt from work pants and jeans, to winter overall bibs, to fancier quarter-zips and even khaki shorts. Given my husband’s love for all things Carhartt, I have also been converted to a fan as I continue to expand my “farm wardrobe”. Today I’m sharing my top 5 favorite things from Carhartt that I have been loving wearing on the farm.

Carhartt “Yoga Pants”


Every girl I know loves her yoga pants and leggings. Carhartt has their own version of yoga pants perfect for working on the farm and getting down and dirty. They are durable and stretch really well, plus they have a bunch of handy pockets. The pants are much thicker than your average yoga pants and reinforced at the knee. They are tough but are also still comfy and look great too. I noticed they have two super cute new colors in gray and black and navy. I also saw that they have new lightweight leggings that were just released.

Carhartt Flannel-Lined Jeans


As we head into the cooler months ahead here in the Midwest, it’s time to get the cold weather gear ready. My husband swears by these pants during the winter. I have a pair and it is like the comfort lining of pajama pants, but the added bonus of the fact you are wearing jeans. They do add an extra layer of warm protection during the harsh winters.

Carhartt Half-Zip Sweatshirt


Though these are really in the men’s section, these half-zip pullovers are great to quickly throw on for cooler nights in the spring and fall. The half-zip adds a little more detail and interest than a regular sweatshirt, and makes it much easier to take on and off. It still has a hood for those rainy and colder days. It’s also water-repellent. I have stolen my husband’s in the Heather Gray color, and I would definitely like another one for this fall. Super cute for not only on the farm, but for casual wear in town or lounging around the house. 

Carhartt Odessa Cap


I don’t know about on your farm, but at Burke Farms a hat is a necessity. I have come to love wearing hats not only on the farm but also out and about, whether I’m working out or getting coffee. It’s perfect to just throw on with your hair up or down, and it looks super cute. I love this hat in the Steel Blue because it goes with everything, and is a little rugged for the country. 

Carhartt Fanny Pack


Yes, that’s right, my last item is a super oddball yet very practical item. This spring my then fiancé now husband surprised me with a small Carhartt purse before planting season. Carhartt calls it their Essentials Pouch which can be worn as a cross-body purse with a strap or as a fanny pack. Personally I have a new rediscovered love of fanny packs, and it is perfect for on-the-go on the farm and to throw in the tractor cab. It has just enough room for the essentials, and if you wear it as a fanny pack you can move around hands-free. It is made from Carhartt's signature Rain Defender material, so it is durable and water-repellent plus fights off dirt and stains, ideal for life in the country or on the farm.

I hope you enjoyed this quick rundown of my favorite Carhartt products that I have been loving. Let me know what your favorites are below. I would love to find some more essentials for my farm wardrobe and just everyday life. 

Sincerely xoxo,

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