• Nicole Burke

A Prayer for Farmers this Spring 2020

Updated: May 19, 2020

Dear Lord,

We pray for farmers during this spring planting season.

2019 was a difficult farming season for many, full of weather challenges and endless rain.

We pray for an easier 2020.

We pray for timely rain and a good planting window.

We pray for the safety of each and every farmer, their spouses, their families and their hired help.

We pray for their health and wellness.

We pray for your blessing on this land.

We pray for wisdom in all their decisions.

We pray for your mighty hand to be with them.

We thank you for their resilience.

We thank you for their courage.

We thank you for their hope and trust in you despite the challenges.

We thank you for your peace.

We thank you for always working in our lives.

We thank you for this beautiful land that we get to be caretakers of.

We thank you for blessing 2020.

We thank you for making a Farmer.


I hope you take time this spring to prayer for the farmers in your life and around the country!

Sincerely xoxo,

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