• Nicole Burke

A Prayer for Farmers this Harvest

Dear Lord,

We pray for our farmers.

For strength, stamina and endurance through this busy season.

May You keep them save in the fields and guard them with Your protection as they travel from field to field on the roads.

Help all drivers to slow down when they see farm equipment and remember this is someone's Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Friend.

Fill them and their families with Your joy and peace.

Bless their crops and help them remember no matter what their worth comes from You.

Be with their families as they support the operation and all make sacrifices for the farm.

Bring moments of laughter and happiness as families gather for dinner on the go and the kids enjoy time in the machinery.

Fill them with an extra measure of grace to deal with the stress, breakdowns, long hours and unpredictable circumstances.

May all farm families have a safe and successful harvest this fall.


(Feel free to add your own prayers below.)

Sincerely xoxo,

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